[vbox-dev] information needed

Leslie P. Polzer sky at viridian-project.de
Thu Oct 1 09:15:25 GMT 2009

Reshaad Rasool wrote:
> Hi
> I am a developer and have been using Virtualbox for a while now. I recently
> upgraded my version to 3.06 r52128. Just wanted to know if there was a way
> to move the new shortcut thingy added (see screen shot). I think it's
> brilliant but with one flaw. it seems to be permanently at the bottom of the
> screen, Being a windows user, I find it seems to get in the way everytime I
> run my mouse at the bottom of the screen. I know a workaround would be to
> just move my taskbar to another portion of the screen but i am use to it
> always being at the bottom.
> Is there some way that I can either hide this permanently or move it to
> maybe the top off the screen where it will be less of an obstruction for me
> ?

Settings > General > Advanced > Mini ToolBar

lets you move or hide it.



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