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Reshaad Rasool reshaadr at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 08:24:15 GMT 2009


I am a developer and have been using Virtualbox for a while now. I recently
upgraded my version to 3.06 r52128. Just wanted to know if there was a way
to move the new shortcut thingy added (see screen shot). I think it's
brilliant but with one flaw. it seems to be permanently at the bottom of the
screen, Being a windows user, I find it seems to get in the way everytime I
run my mouse at the bottom of the screen. I know a workaround would be to
just move my taskbar to another portion of the screen but i am use to it
always being at the bottom.

Is there some way that I can either hide this permanently or move it to
maybe the top off the screen where it will be less of an obstruction for me

if not maybe an enhancement for the next release ?

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