[vbox-dev] showing empty disks attached to controllers via command line

Geoff Nordli geoffn at gnaa.net
Mon Nov 30 22:59:18 GMT 2009

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> > Ideally, I would really like to see a "--force" switch, which will
> allow
> > you unregister and delete a VM, even if there is something attached
> to it.
> We already thought about such a change, there was just no time yet.
> It's
> just one of those features which are not really high priority since
> customers normally don't rely on VBoxManage for constructing a VM
> management solution. Contributions accepted.
> Also note that this will share one problems with the GUI - what should
> be the exact semantics for deleting the images? We've already received
> loud complaints that VirtualBox is responsible for losing free space...
> Klaus

Hi Klaus.

I understand it is a fairly niche use option.  Though, it could be a good
clean up tool, when your images get out of sync.  For example, right now in
my testing I have several different images, and I have messed up a few
snapshots.  I can't delete the VM from the GUI now, because the snapshot
file has been deleted.  Having the command line option to "--force" would be
beneficial here.

I can see some users being challenged by having large vdi files in limbo,
but isn't that the responsibility of the individual to manage?  If anything,
my suggestion is moving to a central directory like "c:\vbox"
"/var/lib/vbox" to hold all of the vbox files instead of burying it in the
home directory. 

That is one of the first things I do when I install vbox, is to relocate the
default hard disk and machine folder path.   

If there is enough of a problem, maybe a little clean up tool that goes out
and searches for vdi/vmdk/vhd files on the local drives, which aren't
attached to any vms.



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