[vbox-dev] showing empty disks attached to controllers via command line

Geoff Nordli geoffn at gnaa.net
Sat Nov 28 19:59:59 GMT 2009

I am running Vbox 3.1 Beta 3 on a Windows 7 Host.  I believe the "empty"
value hasn't been included showvminfo print out.  


If I have a VM registered that has controllers with "Empty" mediums attached
to it.  The VM below has an empty DVD attached to the IDE Secondary Master,
and a Floppy attached on "Device 0".  From the command line there is no way
to know something is attached on that controller, which makes it difficult
to delete the VM.     


vboxmanage showvminfo test1 --machinereadable | find "Controller"


storagecontrollername0="IDE Controller"

storagecontrollername1="Floppy Controller"

"IDE Controller-0-0"="none"

"IDE Controller-0-1"="none"

"IDE Controller-1-0"="none"

"IDE Controller-1-1"="none"

"Floppy Controller-0-0"="none"

"Floppy Controller-0-1"="none"



Ideally, I would really like to see a "--force" switch, which will allow you
unregister and delete a VM, even if there is something attached to it. 






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