[vbox-dev] svn 24682 fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error

Antonio Doldo antonio.doldo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 10:47:13 GMT 2009

Frank Mehnert ha scritto:
> Antonio,
> On Monday 16 November 2009, Antonio Doldo wrote:
>> the last svn 24682 give me an error during compilation of debian package
>> * "rmdir /home/adoldo/vbox/debian/virtualbox-ose/opt/VirtualBox-3.1.0_OSE"
> thanks for the report, fixed in SVN.
> Kind regards,
> Frank
Hi all,
Today I have the same problem on r24856

install -D -g 0 -o 0 -m 644 debian/VBox.sh
for i in VBoxManage VBoxSVC VBoxSDL \
        VirtualBox VBoxHeadless \
        ; do \
/home/adoldo/vbox/debian/virtualbox-ose/usr/lib/virtualbox; done
rmdir /home/adoldo/vbox/debian/virtualbox-ose/opt/VirtualBox-3.1.0_OSE
rmdir: rimozione di
"/home/adoldo/vbox/debian/virtualbox-ose/opt/VirtualBox-3.1.0_OSE" non
riuscita: Directory non vuota
make: *** [binary] Errore 1
dpkg-buildpackage: error: fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error exit
status 2

Please can you suggest me a rapid solution for "Directory not empty"?.

Thanks for your useful work,

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