[vbox-dev] VirtualBox on cluster ( not the cluster on VirtualBox!) - parallelization.

Victor Vasilchenko vvasilchenko at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 11:26:53 GMT 2009

Good day,

is it possible to run* VirtualBox on the cluster* (SSI - single-system
image) with *the only purpose - to create a single virtual machine with all
available* CPUs(cores) and memory ?

the set of 4 PCs (CoreQuad + 8GB RAM) forms a Linux cluster with 16 cores
and 32GB memory.
Would it be possible to run VirtualBox on this cluster - that is to run it
parallelized on all 4 cluster nodes (16 cores),
the result would be a VirtualPC with 15Cores and 30GB Memory (-1 for host

Just imagine that any OS installed inside this virtual machine will see 15
cores and 31GB memory !

And all the current modern programs will fully utilize it's power (simply
multithreading - no need to redesign for MPI support):

1) 3D studios (Maya, Max) will run on 15 threads
2) Video transcoding software will use 15 threads
3) make -j 15
4) etc....

the only question here is whether VirtualBox can be run on cluster in
parallelized manner, but not on just one node of it.

Did you have any experiments for it or may be have any ideas?

Thanks and Regards,
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