[vbox-dev] mouse capture inside vm for dnd (drop and drop)?

Andreas pentagonik at sun.com
Wed May 13 03:36:40 PDT 2009


maybe you could install a separate mouse hook for doing this? In order 
to hide the guest mouse pointer when its outside the guest window we're 
using a mouse filter driver (VBoxMouse.sys) to achieve this. There you 
could also implement newer functionalities like dragging/dropping 
actions (mouse button handling). Then the driver could notify VboxTray 
(ring 3, Kernel to User Notification) that something happend like that.


Huihong Luo wrote:
> We are trying to implement drag and drop from host to guest, and get 
> stuck on it.
> We figured how to accept drops and send the data to VBoxTray.exe running 
> in guest vm. The problem is how to continue the drag and drop operations 
> inside vm? We need to tell VBoxTray to initiate the drag operations, and 
> we have difficult doing this.
> When mouse moves to vm window while pressed down, how do you informs 
> VBoxTray.exe to handle the mouse events? Seems no applications are 
> getting the mouse events? We need to let a window proc to be called, and 
> then start drag and drop from there.
> In order to initiate a drag/drop operations, usually requires the mouse 
> is clicked and moved over a visible window. We try to use a hidden 
> window inside vm to initiate a call to the ole ::DoDragDrop() method, so 
> far no luck. The hidden windows does not get the mouse events.
> perhaps, we are in wrong direction, any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Huihong
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