[vbox-dev] Compilation failed on FreeBSD 7.0

Cezary Morga cm at therek.net
Wed May 6 03:45:07 PDT 2009

Dnia środa, 6 maja 2009, ovi freebsd napisał:
> Hello,
> Following your messages I've sync my sources (from a week ago) to last
> svn, and now I get error, when I try to build vbox, on FreeBSD 7.0, I386:
> (when issuing "kmk all", at some point in compilation process)


> The failing command:
> @/usr/local/bin/moc

It shoulde be /usr/local/bin/moc-qt4.

If you're running 'kmk all' manually use ports make structure instead (simply 
make in port directory). If you insist on manually running 'kmk all' add 
following variables:

TOOL_QT4_BIN_SUFF=-qt4 VBOX_LIBPATH_X11=/usr/local

If this happens when using port's build infrastructure try make -n build and 
check if above variables are passed to kmk.
Cezary Morga

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