[vbox-dev] failed to set self TLS... Has anyone ever seen this log?

Jack Han hanjackcyw at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 01:05:58 PST 2009

Has anyone ever seen this log? I want to make my own frontend.
But it cracked after call pProgress->WaitForCompletion( -1 ) in my win xp
Found a log file in my directory:

Log created: 2009-03-05T08:58:19.640625000Z
Executable: VBox
Commandline: "f:\VBoxGdi\Debug\VBoxGdi.exe"
!!Assertion Failed!!
Expression: <NULL>
Location  :
failed to set self TLS. lasterr=0 thread 'MainHGCMthread'

Anyone knows what's happened here?
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