[vbox-dev] More one building

Michael Thayer Michael.Thayer at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 3 13:13:27 PST 2009

Hello Sergiy,

Sergiy Byelozyorov wrote:
> Looks like there is no free Qt 3 for Windows. Is there any way to build VBox
> with Qt 4?
I'm afraid that I'm not too familiar with the Windows OSE build system
(I use Linux almost exclusively), but our normal builds use Qt 4.4.  I
fear that the Windows configure script may be a bit outdated there, as
most people building from source are on Linux hosts.  A couple of our
engineers have been looking at Windows OSE builds today, so hopefully
you should see some fixes in the next couple of days.  At some point we
could build using the free Qt 3 version found at http://qtwin.sf.net,
but I think that support from Qt 3 has been removed from the tree
altogether.  For now, your best bet may be getting Qt 4.4 and hacking
the output of the configure script to build with that.  Otherwise, I
hope that one of the people familiar with the Windows builds can give
you an answer tomorrow.



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