[vbox-dev] Guest os display image from vbox python API?

Nikolay Igotti Nikolay.Igotti at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 23 03:21:08 PDT 2009

  Hi Grigory,

 Yes, it is possible, although in somewhat convoluted way, for example 
on Linux in vboxshell one can issue following command (assuming you 
started guest in not headless mode):

vbox> guest nt4sp6 os.system('xwd -id 
'+str(console.display.getFramebuffer(0)[0].winId)+'| xwdtopnm | pnmtopng 
 > /tmp/Screenshot.png')

 It will take screen of the first display in guest called 'nt4sp6', 
although relying upon few external programs
for image conversion. Similar approach can be taken on Windows.

 We're considering implementing more straightforward API in the future.


Grigory Petrov wrote:
> Hello.
> Is it possible to use Python API in order to get image of guest os display? (complete display or part of display, with or without guest additions, it doesn't matter). I can speculate that this can be done somehow via getFramebuffer() method, but exact sequence is unclear - it's no example available :(.
> Best, Grigory
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