[vbox-dev] Build issues

Frank Mehnert Frank.Mehnert at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 18 00:48:57 PDT 2009


On Sunday 14 June 2009, Suren Reddy wrote:
> After i installed gSOAP  i made sure i have the files soapcpp2, wsdl2h,
> libgsoap++.a, and stlvector.h.
> Now i get into different errors but better than last time.


> C:/VirtualBox-2.2.4_OSE/out/win.x86/release/obj/webservice/VirtualBox.xidl
> kmk.exe[2]: *** No rule to make target `/stdsoap2.cpp', needed by
> `C:/VirtualBox-2.2.4_OSE/out/win.x86/release/obj/vboxsoap/stdsoap2.obj'.
>  Stop.

The reason is that the layout of the SOAP packages changed, AFAIR with
2.7.13. We are still using version 2.7.12. It might help (I did not
test this for Windows) to add the following settings to your LocalConfig.kmk
(which resides in the root directory of the tree):

  VBOX_GSOAP_CXX_LIBS := libgsoap++

The first statement will ensure that stdsoap2.cpp is not required
anymore. The second statement should ensure that the static library
which contains the object code of stdsoap2.cpp is added. Again, I
did not test this on Windows and you might have a look at


to get an understanding what's happen. Or just disable webservice

Kind regards,

Dr.-Ing. Frank Mehnert    Sun Microsystems, Inc.    www.sun.com
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