[vbox-dev] JavaOne, Virtual Box and Load Balancing

James Lucas jimmy at secsme.org.au
Tue Jun 16 23:47:22 PDT 2009

A paragraph in the Sun blog Sun VirtualBox and Sun VDI Power JavaOne 
caught my interest because it suggest Sun is able to do something with 
Virtual Box that you were previously unable to.

Specifically, the ability to easily migrate a Virtual Machine from one 
host to another. The article talks about your VM being suspended when 
you log out of a Sun Ray and then when you log back in your VM will 
restored. However they note that the VM may be migrated to another host.

Is this some confusion by the author or is this still not possible? I've 
tried unregistering a machine that is in either paused or saved state, 
however both fail. I currently move VMs when they are powered off with a 
simple script to unregister/reregister attached media.

 From http://blogs.sun.com/fatbloke/entry/sun_virtualbox_and_sun_vdi

> The first time you make this choice your Virtual Desktop virtual 
> machine (vm) is created based on a template in Sun VDI. The virtual 
> machine configuration is held in a MySQL database and the virtual disk 
> image is quickly cloned from the template using a feature of ZFS which 
> underpins the Sun Storage 7000 servers that were in use. Then Sun VDI 
> chooses a VirtualBox server (based on load) and launches the new vm on 
> that server, with the configuration and iSCSI target id that uniquely 
> identifies the new virtual disk.
> When you pull your card out the vm suspends after a short period which 
> means resources can be freed up for other users.
> When you re-insert your card and launch a previously created Virtual 
> Desktop, the vm is restored from disk (note that this can be to a 
> different VirtualBox server than the original session ) and you are 
> good to go.

- James

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