[vbox-dev] Can't compile OSE 3.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.5

Robin Green greenrd at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 08:04:43 PDT 2009

So what exactly do I need to do to fix this error? Do I untar a copy of the
curl 7.19.4 source code in src/libs/curl-7.19.4/? But I don't think curl
includes a file called Makefile.kmk, so I don't think that would work. Or do
I need to edit the configure script to stop the build process trying to
build curl?

2009/7/13 Klaus Espenlaub <Klaus.Espenlaub at sun.com>

> Robin Green wrote:
>> Exact same issue as I had with OSE 3.0 and OSE 3 beta - when is OSE going
>> to be able to build on Mac OS X?
> I think someone already asked this and got an explanation: curl is not and
> will not be made part of the VirtualBox tree. So VirtualBox needs to know
> where the library is. It's of course possible to improve the configure
> script. That's actually pretty easy do, so someone could contribute this.
> All the other messages are harmless and expected.
> Klaus
>> Config.kmk:1675:
>> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/out/darwin.x86/release/GCCConfig.kmk:
>> No such file or directory
>> Config.kmk:3811:
>> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/out/darwin.x86/release/revision.kmk:
>> No such file or directory
>> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/src/libs/Makefile.kmk:51:
>> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/src/libs/curl-7.19.4/Makefile.kmk:
>> No such file or directory
>> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/kBuild/sdks/W2K3DDK.kmk:59:
>> kBuild: PATH_SDK_W2K3DDK couldn't be determined!
>> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/kBuild/sdks/WINPSDKINCS.kmk:61:
>> kBuild: PATH_SDK_WINPSDKINCS couldn't be determined!
>> kmk: *** No rule to make target
>> `/Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/src/libs/curl-7.19.4/Makefile.kmk'.
>>  Stop.
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