[vbox-dev] Can't compile OSE 3.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.5

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 13 07:03:00 PDT 2009

Robin Green wrote:
> Exact same issue as I had with OSE 3.0 and OSE 3 beta - when is OSE 
> going to be able to build on Mac OS X?

I think someone already asked this and got an explanation: curl is not 
and will not be made part of the VirtualBox tree. So VirtualBox needs to 
know where the library is. It's of course possible to improve the 
configure script. That's actually pretty easy do, so someone could 
contribute this.

All the other messages are harmless and expected.


> Config.kmk:1675: 
> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/out/darwin.x86/release/GCCConfig.kmk: 
> No such file or directory
> Config.kmk:3811: 
> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/out/darwin.x86/release/revision.kmk: 
> No such file or directory
> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/src/libs/Makefile.kmk:51: 
> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/src/libs/curl-7.19.4/Makefile.kmk: 
> No such file or directory
> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/kBuild/sdks/W2K3DDK.kmk:59: 
> kBuild: PATH_SDK_W2K3DDK couldn't be determined!
> /Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/kBuild/sdks/WINPSDKINCS.kmk:61: 
> kBuild: PATH_SDK_WINPSDKINCS couldn't be determined!
> kmk: *** No rule to make target 
> `/Users/greenrd/Downloads/VirtualBox-3.0.2_OSE/src/libs/curl-7.19.4/Makefile.kmk'. 
>  Stop.

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