[vbox-dev] VboxService GetAddsVersion

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 13 06:55:59 PDT 2009

James Lucas wrote:
> The guest property information for the VBoxService version and components is
> only implemented for Windows Hosts.
> Is there a plan for implementing this for Linux guests? I am willing to
> implement some of it if there is any documentation for what is required.

Well, "required" would imply that there's a formal specification. Which 
we don't have yet. But it'd be great if linux/solaris/... guests would 
also provide as much information as possible. The keys should be 
identical unless it's some information which doesn't make sense on Windows.

> Firstly I can see that the two keys /VirtualBox/GuestAdd/Version and
> /VirtualBox/GuestAdd/Revision could be implemented for all VBoxService versions
> by putting the information from VBOX_VERSION_STRING and VBoxSVNRev() [Which all
> other tools use) instead of the current registry key check for windows only.

Sounds good.

> In VBoxServiceVMInfo.cpp 
> #include <VBox/version.h>
> Line 176 add 
> VboxServiceWriteProp(g_VMInfoGuestPropSvcClientID, "GuestAdd/Revision",
> VboxServiceWriteProp(g_VMInfoGuestPropSvcClientID, "GuestAdd/Version",
> VBoxSVNRev());


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