[vbox-dev] OSE guest additions, VBoxService does not start

S. Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Mon Jul 6 10:10:18 PDT 2009

I'm using the self-compiled OSE guest additions, version 3.0.0.
Unfortunately, the VBoxService.exe service does not start ... neither on
system boot (system boot takes about a minute longer), nor manually later on.
Debug version, VBOX_LOG=+all did not produce any log file.

Only information ...
event 7022 in the system event log
"Der Dienst "VirtualBox Guest Service" wurde nicht ordnungsgemäß gestartet."
(the service VB Guest Service was not correctly started)
or rather, according to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/319127,
"Server service hung on startup."
Service state stays in "starting up" until process is manually killed.

I compared the service registration with the one from the PUEL GA ... only
differences: description, and "Tag 0x15" which did not change anything.

PUEL GA run w/o any problem.

I've reproduced the problem on various virtual machines.
Version 2.2.4 did not have this problem.
Replacing the 2.2.4 .exe with the 3.3.0 one gives the same result - service
does not start.

Any way to find out what is the matter?

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