[vbox-dev] OSE win32 guest additions 3.0.0 - .inf files for D3D?

Leonid leonid.lobachev at sun.com
Wed Jul 1 07:36:28 PDT 2009

Your installer needs to do the following on the guest:
copy %system32%/d3d{89}.dll to %system32%/msd3d{89}.dll
copy vbox's d3d{89}.dll over %system32%/d3d{89}.dll
copy vboxd3d{89}.dll to %system32%/vboxd3d{89}.dll
and copy vboxogl*.dll there as well.
Note, on win2k/xp systems you have to go to safe mode else WFP will restore the 
On windows vista you have to be running under administrative account, then take 
ovnership of the d3d{9}.dll, then change permissions to allow modification and 
only then overwrite the files.

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