[vbox-dev] OSE win32 guest additions 3.0.0 - .inf files for D3D?

S. Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Wed Jul 1 07:33:24 PDT 2009

S. Brandt wrote:
> Alexey Eremenko wrote:
>> VirtualBox uses WineD3D which forwards all Direct3D calls via OpenGL.
>> In fact you can install WineD3D on your host platform, so all Direct3D
>> code runs via OpenGL on host.
> Sorry, could you please explain in more detail?
> Just "putting" the VBox D3D dlls into the guests system dir did not result
> in any change concerning dxdiag - no D3D support.
> Why should I install WineD3D on the host?
> I expect, if it correctly installed on the guest, the calls are forwarded
> via OpenGL to the host opengl - based on the opengl support already
> available in vbox guest->host.
> Yet, how do I correctly install WineD3D on the guest?
OK, I'm getting through to it ...
Replacing the D3d[89].dll does not work b/c of dllcache etc, needs safe
mode. Therefore, my "naive" installation did not work.
Neither did manual replacement/removing of dllcache/...

Safe mode - installing guest additions - lets see.
Looks good.
Looks great!

Seems I don't nee  the installer from http://www.nongnu.org/wined3d/, just
copying (nsi installer) the "addition dlls" in safe mode works.
Just - "not enough memory" for nice resolutions ...
some refresh and stability problems. We'll see.

Thanks to all concerned,

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