[vbox-dev] xsl for generating webservice files

James Lucas jimmy at secsme.org.au
Thu Jan 22 20:34:27 PST 2009

Now that the webservice xls files have been exported to OSE i've created 
a xls stylesheet to generate a native PHP library to communicate with 
the VBox webservice in a OO way. Is this something that VirtualBox would 
be likely to add to the SDK? If so i'll post the code.


An example of what the code looks like in PHP:


//Connect to webservice
$connection = new vboxService("vboxwebService.wsdl");

//Logon to webservice
$session = new IWebsessionManager(null,$connection);
$IVirtualBox_session = $session->logon("username","password");

//Get host details
$host = $IVirtualBox_session->host;
echo 'Host cpus:' . $host->processorCount . ' memory:' . 
$host->memorySize . "MB\n";

//Get version details
$version = $IVirtualBox_session->version;
echo 'Virtual Box Version: ' . $version . "\n";

//Get a list of machines and output simple details
$machines = $IVirtualBox_session->machines2;

foreach($machines as $machine)
  $mObjRef = new IManagedObjectRef($machine->getRef(),$connection);
  $if = $mObjRef->getInterfaceName();
  $name = $machine->name;
  $uuid = $machine->id;
  $settings = $machine->settingsFilePath;
  $powerstate = $machine->state;

  echo "machine $if uuid:$uuid name:$name settings:$settings VMstate:" . 
$powerstate->__toString() . "\n";

//Remember to close the session

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