[vbox-dev] VM State change and VBoxManage timestamps

James Lucas jimmy at secsme.org.au
Fri Feb 20 23:58:02 PST 2009

If either of these queries should be logged as tickets please let me know.

1) When rebooting a VM through the guest interface (eg rebooting after updating
Guest Additions) the Machine->LastStateChange timestamp does not get updated
even though the machines does a reboot. Is this the intended behavior? It would
be good to see the state change timestamp updated when rebooting.

2) VBoxManage uses two different functions and formats when outputting
 * VMStateChangeTime uses the function RTTimeSpecToString()
   * "2009-02-21T06:48:18.782000000"

 * VRDP* values use the function makeTimeStr
   * "2009/02/21 06:50:45 UTC"

- James

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