[vbox-dev] reserved identifier violation

Markus Elfring Markus.Elfring at web.de
Thu Feb 19 12:00:22 PST 2009

Jens Schweikhardt wrote:
> Software correctness is more complex than strict adherence to ISO C letters.

I agree to this argument.

> One aspect we value more is not invading the app name space.

This "invasion" is unavoidable. We should look for potential conflicts from the
reserved area for C/C++ compilers.

> If you only realized that part of VirtualBox could be treated as part of
> the implementation, your issue immediately becomes a non-issue.

Which source files can be specified to be part of a C/C++ compiler?

> Sure, there's other opportunity for quality assurance, e.g removing the 
> last few warnings, using lint, etc that's on our TODO list which is far 
> more likely fixing real problems instead of perceived ones.

It is normal that other open issues usually get a higher priority.

> To paraphrase a valuable engineering guideline: We're not fixing things 
> that ain't broken.

I have got the view that the wrong application of naming conventions might
result in errors. Can this aspect become a security concern during a detailed
source code review?


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