[vbox-dev] NAT: Web page truncated and git pull says "unexpected EOF", with SVN >= r16758

Robin Green greenrd at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 11:51:26 PST 2009

This is with SVN revisions 16758 and up, on Mac OS X, with NAT networking.
If I go to http://twitter.com/ in a web browser (or dump the HTML to the
terminal with curl), the page is frequently (but not always) truncated. This
does not ever happen on the host.
Also on the guest, a "git pull" operation keeps failing with "unexpected
EOF" or similar errors - seems to be an instance of the same problem.

However, strangely, I can only reproduce this on my fast Internet connection
at work - I cannot reproduce it at all, even after many attempts, using the
slower mobile broadband Internet connection I have at home. Then when I go
back to work I can reproduce it again. The MTU for both Internet connections
is reported by "ifconfig" on the host as 1500, so not sure what is causing
this difference. Perhaps latency on the mobile broadband connection means
that the bug doesn't get triggered?

This bug was introduced somewhere between r16752 and r16758 I think - but
NAT was broken until r16758, so I can't pinpoint it.
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