[vbox-dev] support for spice?

Alexey Eremenko al4321 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 09:14:03 GMT 2009

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 2:39 AM, Geoff Nordli <geoffn at gnaa.net> wrote:
> Does anyone have any clues on the amount of effort to implement the new
> graphics cards.
> From the spice dev list their comment on integrating spice into vbox:
> "The spice server is design to be easily used by 3rd party. You need to
> expose vd_interfaces in the hypervisors side (see
> http://www.spice-space.org/docs/vd_interfaces.pdf) and libspice will plug
> into those interfaces. QXL (the GPU) is relay simple and can also be added
> to other hypervisors and so benefit from having a common driver. And last
> thing the hypervisor need to be under GPL licance in order to use libspice
> legally."

Since VirtualBox userland is similar to Qemu, it should be possible to
port it. After all, VirtIO was ported from Qemu over here.

And Since VirtualBox is Dual-license, not pure GPL, it should be done
via some sort of plugin system.

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