[vbox-dev] Problem building Virtualbox headless builds (OSE)

Alessio Cassibba (X-Drum) swapon at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 11:45:52 GMT 2009


starting with VirtualBox 3.1.x headless builds attempts will fail with the 
following message:


/tmp/VirtualBox-3.1.2_OSE/out/linux.x86/release/GCCConfig.kmk: No such file or 
Config.kmk:3903: /tmp/VirtualBox-3.1.2_OSE/out/linux.x86/release/revision.kmk: 
No such file or directory
/usr/share/kBuild/footer.kmk:708: *** kBuild: Cannot find include file for the 
template 'VBOXQT4GUI'! Searched:  /usr/share/kBuild/templates .  Stop.


- the configure script was called with: --build-headless and --disable-qt
- tested with kBuild version 0.1.5 (r2373)

Is this feature still supported?, currently i'm trying to figure out how to 
fix it, there are users that use VirtualBox only in headless mode or without 
the QT frontend.

Best regards

Alessio Cassibba
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