[vbox-dev] Resetting the logoImagePath for a VM

Joseph Smith joseph1962smith at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 10 05:58:53 GMT 2009

I am encountering an interesting problem when trying to 'reset' or 'revert' a VM's splash logoImage (IBIOSSettings::logoImagePath).  This is being done via the webservice APIs (vboxwebsrv).
I am able to successfully update and set the image path to a valid bmp file to use as a splash screen and the machine starts-up perfectly displaying the updated splash as I requested.
The interesting part is ... when I try to revert back to 'default' ... meaning no longer use my own bmp file as a splash screen ... It does not seem that I am able to update/reset the logoImagePath entry.
By trying to set it to a null (empty string), an exception is thrown.  The error I get is 500 Internal Server Error.  The error code returned via the SoapAPI is 0x00.
Any ideas/suggestions ?  What is the correct procedure to 'un-set/reset' the logoImagePath back to 'default' ... meaning ... original splash screen?


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