[vbox-dev] 3.1 final version vm freezes when hibernating

S. Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Wed Dec 2 09:56:37 GMT 2009

Am 01.12.2009 08:49, schrieb Huihong Luo:
> 2D seems to be the cause. When 2D is enabled, it's much severe. But I
> did get crashes when only 3D is enabled (occurs much less).
> Yes, I installed the OSE edition for the guest additions in safe mode,
> and google earth works fine in DirectX mode in vm. (BTW, another bug is
> when goolge earth running and vm is hiberanted, google earth images
> become scrambled)
Do you use the OSE GA from
There is no 3.1.0 version there yet (I maintain them).

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