[vbox-dev] sending a file / executing a command on a vbox virtual machine

Huihong Luo huisinro at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 10 09:29:32 PDT 2009

For remotely executing a command, you can use the vbox guestproperty API. Inside the vm, check out "VBoxControl guestproperty" command.
Basically, the vm waiting for a property that contains a path for execution, and your host set this property. The guest vm launches the program when the guest property arrives. 
For file copy/paste, u can try to use a temp folder that's mapped to vm using shared folders. then operate the file.
We have implemented both of these functions internally, feel free if u need more info.

--- On Mon, 8/10/09, Lucian Adrian Grijincu <lucian.grijincu at rosedu.org> wrote:

From: Lucian Adrian Grijincu <lucian.grijincu at rosedu.org>
Subject: [vbox-dev] sending a file / executing a command on a vbox virtual machine
To: vbox-dev at virtualbox.org
Date: Monday, August 10, 2009, 7:19 AM


I'd like to know whether there is support in VBoxXPCOMC or in other libs for:
* sending/receiving a file to/from a vm with vm additions installed,
* executing a command/running a program on a vm with vm additions installed.

I'm working on an open-source application that tests homework
submitted by students at my faculty. The current setup uses vmware
(the VIX API support the kind of operations I enumerated above) and
we're looking into switching to virtualbox.

..: Lucian

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