[vbox-dev] Problem Use API to setup VM

Carsten fbndd at oleco.net
Fri Aug 7 12:23:35 GMT 2009


I want create VM via API and there is a problem adding iso image to the new VM. May some one can help, code comes now:

IWebsessionManager mgr = new IWebsessionManager("http://localhost:18083/");
IVirtualBox vbox = vbox = mgr.logon("test", "test");

IMachine machine = vbox.createMachine(VBoxName, "Debian", "/home/user/vboxes",  VBoxUUID.toString());

IDVDDrive dvddrive = machine.getDVDDrive();
dvddrive.mountImage("0fc864c6-c8bc-4270-8a3c-a40e25ad5c95"); // Image is know by the VBox installation

//lookup for mounted image
IDVDImage dvdimg = dvddrive.getImage();
System.out.println(dvdimg.getId());  //at running time, it shows the correct img id, as seen above

// doing some other config,  wiht no problems


After saving, I starting Virtualbox an no DVD Image are listed but in the xml file for the machine I can read 
<DVDDrive passthrough="false"><Image uuid="{0fc864c6-c8bc-4270-8a3c-a40e25ad5c95}"/></DVDDrive>
If I start the machine, VBox says no boot image...

What is my failure?

Thx for help

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