[vbox-dev] VirtualBox on FreeBSD

Alexander Eichner Alexander.Eichner at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 29 12:08:59 PDT 2009

Hi FreeBSD users,

in the effort to make VirtualBox the most portable platform for
virtualization we can announce that VirtualBox is finally running on
FreeBSD. http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Screenshots contains two
screenshots of VirtualBox running on FreeBSD with a Windows and a  
Linux guest.
Even though the basic functions are working there are still a lot of
things to do and we do not recommend to use it on production machines.
Furthermore Sun does not officially support FreeBSD yet. This is a  
port done by developers in their free time. However if you are a  
developer or want to test it you can checkout the latest code and build
VirtualBox yourself. A list of working and unimplemented features and
known bugs is below.

- Software virtualization
- The VirtualBox QT4 frontend
- Sound through OSS
- NAT networking

Not implemented:
- Bridged and host only networking (the required kernel drivers are
- Installer
- OpenGL support
- Host CD/DVD access
- Host serial support
- things I forgot ;)

Known bugs and limitations:
- Unloading the kernel driver panics the host
- Hardware assisted virtualization doesn't work reliable yet
- VBoxSVC needs to be started manually
- proc needs to be mounted

If you want to implement a missing feature or fix a bug please leave a
note on the list before you start to avoid duplicated work and if you
find a bug other than the ones listed above please use this list to
report it and not the forum or official bugtracker because the port is
not officially supported.

Kind Regards and have fun,
Alexander Eichner

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