[vbox-dev] [PATCH] Fedora 11 and GCC 4.4 build fixes

Frank Mehnert Frank.Mehnert at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 23 03:14:58 PDT 2009

On Tuesday 21 April 2009, sean darcy wrote:
> Bobby Powers wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I just built VirtualBox from trunk and had to apply the following
> > patch to get it running on my Fedora Rawhide (F11), GCC 4.4, 64bit
> > system.  In addition, the kernel module refused to build until I added
> >
> > #include <iprt/mem.h>
> >
> > to out/linux.amd64/release/bin/src/vboxnetadp/linux/VBoxNetAdp-linux.c
> >
> > hope this helps.
> >
> > yours,
> > Bobby
> I needed to also +#include <cstdio> to
> src/VBox/Frontends/VirtualBox/src/main.cpp
> By any chance, did you use a spec file to build 2.2.0? If so, could you
> share it?

The SVN version should be compilable with gcc-4.4 (r19128+). However,
there are known problems with gcc-4.4 and therefore we will delay
VirtualBox packages for Fedora11 (which is not released yet).

VirtualBox seems to start fine but when shutting down a guest, the
VBoxSVC server crashes for some reason. Not sure if this is a gcc-4.4
bug or if gcc-4.4 just revealed a problem in our code, will check later.

Kind regards,

Dr.-Ing. Frank Mehnert    Sun Microsystems    http://www.sun.com/
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