[vbox-dev] Shared clipboard, overview of host-client -interaction

Jori Mantysalo Jori.Mantysalo at uta.fi
Thu Apr 16 01:04:25 PDT 2009

Hi. I am looking for a way to get shared clipboard to Linux-client
console (for example integrating this to gpm code).

Is there any kind of high level overview about clipboard or host-client 
-interaction in general? Interaction in client side must go something like

Special [pseudo]PCI-device -- vboxadd -module -- VBoxClient -daemon -- ?

But how to tell VBoxClient to put something (or, in this case, only
plain text) to clipboard, or how to read host clipboard contents?

I have been reading source, for example src » VBox » Additions » x11 » 
xclient, but haven't figured out how things work.

Jori Mäntysalo

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