[vbox-dev] How to start a headless VM with IVirtualBox::openRemoteSession and OSE

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 14 11:55:47 PDT 2009

Josh Wright wrote:
> Per the documentation of IVirtualBox::openRemoteSession, the currently
> supported session types are gui and vrdp.

Should be updated, as these days you can also open SDL sessions.

> With the OSE version, gui works, but vrdp errors out. I assume this is
> because OSE lacks vrdp support.

Sure, and that's intentional. If a session of type "vrdp" is requested 
then failing is the right thing to do if it isn't available.

> How should I start a headless VM session via the API with the OSE
> version of VBox?

By fixing Machine::openRemoteSession in Main/MachineImpl.cpp, adding a 
new session type which is always completely headless.


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