[vbox-dev] Difference between OSE and PUEL with respect to host interface behaviour

uday bidkar uday_bidkar at persistent.co.in
Wed Apr 8 05:08:37 PDT 2009


I built the VirtualBox 2.1.4 OSE for windows host and observing difference between the way OSE and PUEL behaves with respect to Host Interface feature.

The PUEL version does show the list of physical network interfaces available on my machine on the Network settings page. However, in case of OSE, i don't see the list of available interfaces there. When I install VBoxTAP drivers, I can create host interface which needs to add to the bridge along with other available interface (similar to earlier version of VirtualBox) to get the VM on network
The OSE version doesn't seem to have VBoxNetFlt drivers, The VBoxManage.exe OSE no longer supports "createhostif" option however, as far as GUI goes, I can still see buttons to create host interface on network settings page which is missing in case of PUEL version

Is the new feature with host interface not supported in OSE?


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