[vbox-dev] VirtualBox-OSE tarball

Heinz Wiesinger pprkut at liwjatan.at
Sun Sep 21 02:46:42 PDT 2008

Till Maas wrote:
> Hiyas,
> is it possible to get an URL to the VirtualBox-OSE tarball, that is not
> redirected to an URL that has (changing) GET parameters? Currently there is
> a h parameter, that always changes. This makes it harder to automatically
> fetch the tarball when I increase the version in a rpm spec file.

I need a direct download link as well, but I do not see a problem with the way 
it is setup currently. From my point of view it works similar to the 
sourceforge mirrors, which also redirect and add something to the final url.
download.virtualbox.org works fine.

> Also the naming scheme of the tarball and the directory inside the tarball
> changes every now and then. Maybe it has settled the last releases, because
> I did not download every release of the 1.6.x branch. Please keep this the
> same. E.g. use from now on VirtualBox-$VERSION-OSE.tar.bz2.

I do not remember the namingscheme of the source tarball changing since at 
least 1.6.0. You're suggestion is what it has been for quite a long time now.

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