[vbox-dev] Debian paths (Jason Spiro)

Desmond Chapman que_deseja at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 9 08:03:08 PDT 2008

Jason replied
"1.  But what is the purpose of your mail?  Is it about something
useful for VirtualBox developers to know?  This mailing list is only
for discussion for VBox developers about building and improving VBox.
If your mails do not fit into that category, please send them to the
VBox users' mailing list instead.
2.  Is your mail about building VirtualBox on FreeBSD?  The VirtualBox
developers are 100% able to make VirtualBox build on FreeBSD.  They do
not have time to make the kernel-related parts of VBox work though.
If your mail is about building VirtualBox on FreeBSD, please note that
the more mails you write about the subject to the mailing list, the
less time the VBox developers have to do their job.
Kind regards,

1. Some ports are broken, vbox isn't building under FreeBSD 7 amd64. The default paths are in the download directory. If that is in my /usr/home or /tmp then that is where vbox will install.
2. The developers haven't taken any time to make such documentation available to the general public. Doesn't open source and the MIT licenses state something about documentation.
3. Here is an analogy for you: If I am having an asthma attack, I'm going to the hospital to see a doctor, not to another person that has asthma. ok?
If I know that a normal user can't help me, I'm going to the developers.

Again, if you want to help, mail me the howto's, documentations, patches, etc. If not, let me ask and search until I find the solution.

The problem with me asking seems only to be with you. If the others want to make the same statements, they are free to do so. A self appointed mediator is not needed.

Now, are you going to offer the help or are you going to keep whining?
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