[vbox-dev] build problems

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 9 18:42:13 GMT 2008

Sorry that you apparently didn't understand the polite statements made 
by VirtualBox developers so far. I will say a few things as directly and 
clearly as I can:

1. You are wasting VirtualBox developer time.
2. VirtualBox is not and was never working on FreeBSD.
3. VirtualBox is not in the FreeBSD ports list. The reason is in
    item 2.
4. There is no documentation how to build VirtualBox on FreeBSD
    because it doesn't build and even if it would it wouldn't work.
    The reason is in item 2, and the following item 5.
5. We will help people capable of addressing the real problem with
    getting VirtualBox on FreeBSD off the ground - the kernel driver.
6. Everything else is totally unimportant until item 5 has been
    at least partially done.
7. Your approach to "fixing" VirtualBox will only get you into
    the mail blacklists of every VirtualBox developer. The reason is
    in item 5.

This is pretty much all that can be said on this issue, and I will 
ignore further discussions ín this context except if they promise to 
address item 5.


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