[vbox-dev] outputs after bash

Desmond Chapman que_deseja at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 5 18:14:27 GMT 2008

# echo $SHELL
# bash
[root@ /usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0]# source ./env.sh
[root@ /usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0]# source ./Config.kmk
bash: VBOX_ROOT_CONFIG_KMK_INCLUDED: command not found
bash: KBUILD_DO_AUTO_INSTALL: command not found
bash: PASSES: command not found
bash: filter-out: command not found
bash: PASSES: command not found
bash: DEFAULT_PASSES: command not found
bash: KBUILD_BLD_TYPES: command not found
bash: PATH_OUT: command not found
bash: PATH_INS: command not found
bash: ./Config.kmk: line 39: syntax error near unexpected token `$(KBUILD_TARGET),darwin'
bash: ./Config.kmk: line 39: `ifeq ($(KBUILD_TARGET),darwin)'
[root@ /usr/home/moleque/VirtualBox-2.0.0]# 

> Looks like env.sh has a #!/bin/bash as it's first line - you'll need
> to either change that to #!/usr/local/bin/bash or symlink
> /usr/local/bin/bash->/bin/bash to have the script find the correct
> shell.  The bash port installs to /usr/local/bin/bash on FreeBSD (and
> bash is not in the base system).  I recommend the symlink approach -
> I've had better luck with that.
> Matt
Okay that was done.

> Desmond,
> Are you trying to do a FreeBSD build?
> ./configure (in "sh" shell) generates env.sh for you, but env.sh must be
> sourced in a "bash" shell for the export command to work.
> - Nolan.
The above is the new output.  I'm trying to do a FreeBSD build but I'm willing to do a build for linux emulation.

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