[vbox-dev] QNX 6.4.0

Colin Burgess cburgess at qnx.com
Fri Nov 28 03:22:10 GMT 2008

Hi there!

I got a report from one of our testers that QNX faults very quickly when booting in VirtualBox.  A little investigation shows that this only occurs when VT-x is not enabled.  The problem appears to be that our supervisor process (procnto) runs as Ring 1, and requests a CS of 0x1d - but when we exit the kernel the CS is actually 0x1c.

This process had common code sections with the kernel proper, and it uses the CPL to determine whether it is currently 'the kernel' or not.  Hence it gets nicely confused and dies a painful death.

Do you have any idea what is going on here?  Do you support Ring 1 processes at all in non VT-x mode?


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