[vbox-dev] tstVMStructGC is 32 bits on my 64-bit machine

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 12 21:21:06 GMT 2008

walt wrote:
> I just wasted hours discovering that the reason I can't build
> vbox.svn on my amd64 machine is that I didn't have 32-bit
> emulation enabled in my linux kernel.

Gentoo user, eh?

> That's why I got 'can't execute binary file tstVMStructGC'
> in the middle of compiling vbox, which kills the build.
> So, is tstVMStructGC really supposed to be a 32-bit file
> even on a 64-bit OS?  All the others are 64-bit.

100% intentional. GC code is always 32bit. Of course you could skip 
useless things like those consistency checks, owever it should be pretty 
obvious how vital those checks are given that we have them enabled by 
default. If the assumptions checked there are not met you can get nice 
effects such as triple faults and what not. Everyone enjoys those, 
especially if they happen out of the blue when you have large amounts of 
unsaved work piled up.


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