[vbox-dev] Building SVN on Windows XP

Gil Collins gcstang at hotmail.com
Wed May 21 15:48:41 GMT 2008

Building on Windows XP SP 2


I have everything configured and the configure script seems to detect
everything correctly.


I run it using:

D:\SVNRepositories\vbox>cscript configure.vbs --with-MinGW=d:\gcc




Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.


Shell inheritance test: OK

Source path: OK

Checking for kBuild...

 Found kBuild: D:/SVNRepositories/vbox/kBuild

 Found kBuild binaries: D:/SVNRepositories/vbox/kBuild/bin/win.x86

Checking for Visual C++...

 Found Visual C++ v8 (or later): D:/MICROS~1/VC

Checking for Windows Platform SDK (recent)...

 Found Windows Platform SDK: D:/MICROS~2

Checking for Windows 2003 DDK, build 3790 or later...

 Found Windows 2003 DDK: D:/WINDDK/3790~1.183

Checking for Midl.exe...

 Found Midl.exe: D:/MICROS~2/bin/Midl.exe

Checking for Direct X SDK...

 Found Direct X SDK: D:/MICROS~3

Checking for MinGW GCC v3.3.x + Binutils + Runtime + W32API...

 Found MinGW (GCC v3.3.1): D:/gcc

 Found W32API: d:\gcc

Checking for libSDL...

 Found libSDL: D:/SDL-1.2.13

Checking for Xerces...

 Found Xerces: D:/xerces-c_2_8_0-x86-windows-vc_7_1

Checking for Xalan...

 Found Xalan: D:/Xalan-C_1_10_0-win32-msvc_60

Checking for Qt...

 Found Qt (v3, QtWin/Free): D:/SVNRepositories/vbox/tools/win.x86/qt/v3.3.3


When attempting to build on Windows I get the following Error and it stops


/WINNT/VBoxService/Makefile.kmk: No such file or directory


Is there something I'm missing?

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