[vbox-dev] VBoxSVC invocation

Porno Shome porno.shome at bsil.com
Thu May 15 09:37:37 GMT 2008


I am making some changes in the VirtualBox code, that will allow me to
pass my own path for the creation of VirtualBox.xml.

I understand from the code that the default path is read from the HOMEPATH
environment variable in windows and this VirtualBox.xml file is created
there after.
Code relating to this present under the VirtualBox::init() function in the
VirtualBoxImpl.cpp file.

Whenever VBoxManage or VirtualBox are invoked, the processes start VBoxSVC
as a background process. But in the code there is not direct call that
launches VBoxSVC. VBoxSVC is the process that accesses this init()
function and sets the default location.

Can any one tell me how VBoxSVC is invoked by either VBoxManage or

Porno Shome

Email: porno.shome at bsil.com

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