[vbox-dev] OSE and RDP / iSCSI

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Wed May 7 08:54:42 GMT 2008

Steve Radich wrote:
> So where do you check about the commercial license? I'm not looking for support, just curious at this point what these extra bits are considered worth.

In the first place you can get the full product (including RDP, iSCSI 
and USB) free of charge for personal use etc. on http://virtualbox.org

Also check the licensing details, as personal use includes certain types 
of commercial uses. There's also a licensing FAQ on that site.

Anything beyond that usually goes through your Sun sales rep.

> I'd still be interested in picking up these bits of code, even if under some comercial license.

See above. You can download the full package with all features.


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