[vbox-dev] Keeping up with Linus?

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Sun May 4 22:23:14 GMT 2008

Larry Finger wrote:
> Larry Finger wrote:
>> w41ter at gmail.com wrote:
>>> The code in question is:
>>> static struct vm_operations_struct sf_vma_ops = {
>>> .nopage = sf_reg_nopage
>>> };
>>> I can find the problem but I don't know enough to fix it :-/
>>> Does this look hard to fix, or not so much?
>> That one is harder as it changes how one calculates the offset. If I
>> get bored, I'll try to figure it out.
> I guess I got bored, but the following patch compiles, the module loads,
> _AND_ survived minimal testing.

Works for me too, thanks!  (Those same tests are used in Redmond :o)

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