[vbox-dev] Help building VBox on WinXP - understanding toolchain

Doug biteme at bitbasher.net
Sat Mar 22 04:58:22 GMT 2008


I've read the information about building vbox on windows here: 

I have no trouble installing all the native Win32 tools (VS2005, SDK, 
DDK, SDL, DXSDK), but the MinGW tools are all just a bunch of files in 
tar archives.

Where do I install all the MinGW files?  Do I need to set them up in any 
special way or run any installer?

There is mention on the page of cygwin but cygwin is NOT listed as a 
prerequisite tool.  Do I need cygwin?  If so, where do I get it and 
which version should I use.

Basically, if someone can give me a few easy steps to get all the needed 
tools correctly installed for WinXP I'd really appreciate it.


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