[vbox-dev] TUN and TAP Documentation

Pavel Muller pav.muller at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 10:16:29 GMT 2008

Thanks for your advise, but when I was searching on the internet so I found
sources like:
...and many many more.

However these sources don´t describe TUN/TAP interface in detail. This ins´t
possible, that don´t exit detailed manual:( When the programmers make
virtual interfaces(TUN/TAP) so they use these links? They have to know exact
function these interfaces. I am not programmer, but I think that describe in
these links is insufficient to make own virtual interfaces.
      For example, when I will want to produce motherboards for Intel
processors so I must know how is voltage, number of pins, how processor
cooperate with chipset, memory and many many more. My image manual to
TUN/TUP is some book or ebook with standarts and description like for
example this documentation intel P4 processor.
Sometimes I find source code, but I search human readable like
I am bankkrupt in this work:(
Thanks for your help
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