[vbox-dev] Problems with ethernet and folders shared with full access

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 17:50:03 GMT 2008

After installing winxp guest os on Fedora 7,
I rebooted, installed the additional tools
and rebooted.

In the VM configuration for ethernet, I selected
PCnet-PCI II (Am79C970a) as the ether interface.
I abandoned setting up the bridge interface becaue
it just would not work.
So, I am back to NAT.

I reboot windows, windows finds the driver and brings up
the interface - but not fully!.

I look at the status and I see only 8 packets received,
whereas the number of transmitted packets is in the hundreds
and climbing.

On  host, Firewall is disabled. SElinux is disabled.

On window guest, I am unable to connect to any website as
indicated by the browser's failure  to connect.

Also, I can ping but, beyond that, all other
internet apps like ie and nslookup, ... etc fail.
After ping, count of received packets goes up to 11.

Furthermore, i can browse the folder shared via vboxsrv, but
I cannot write to any file there, even though it is shared with
full read/write access.
I tried to redirect output of ipconfig /all > \\vboxsrv\dos\tmp\junk.txt
Command returned without any errors.
But when I isuue the cmd:
type \\vboxsrv\dos\tmp\junk.txt
I get nothing back.
So I re-try the ipconfig command with redirection into 
This time (and every subsequent time) the command fails
because ".. it is being used by another process..."

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