[vbox-dev] Patches to make OS X SVN build with SDL/QT/etc

Kristian Vlaardingerbroek kris at arbalest.nl
Sat Mar 1 11:59:29 GMT 2008

Hi all,

Attached to this mail are patches to configure and Config.kmk to make  
the current SVN revision (7199) build with all the frontends on OS X  


 From MacPorts: i386-elf-gcc libidl libsdl libpng
QT build from ftp://ftp.trolltech.com/qt/source/qt-mac- 
Just follow the instructions in the included INSTALL file but run ./ 
configure -thread instead of a plain ./configure.

The attached patch does the following:

- Remove the parts that disable components on darwin.
- Adjust check_png to use pkg-config.
- Adjust the SDL check.
- Adjust the QTDIR and VBOX_PATH_QT assignments for darwin.

The adjustments to the SDL and PNG check might break on other  
platforms, I can not test them.

I license these changes under the MIT license.


Kristian Vlaardingerbroek

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