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Are there any plans to have support for more than 2GB or RAM ver windows VM?
And 64 Bits? That would be excellent before we can use this technology on a


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Hi Klaus,


Thanks. It's great that you will put out the windows Shared Folders src


As for the performance, I didn't do thorough testing, but you can get an
idea by doing this simple test:


share the whole host system drive, usually C:, then run notepad.exe


then launch map the shared drive in windows XP guest inside virtualbox, say,
you map Z: to be pointing to the host c: drive. then launch notepad.exe by
typing z:\windows\system32\notepad.exe


You will note that it's much slower compared to local notepad.





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Huihong Luo wrote:
> I assume you used the nulmrx sample from MS DDK. Sample code is supposed 
> to be released without license issues. Is it not right? There are many 
> open source file systems modified from MS samples, e.g., the EXT2 file 
> system on sf.net.
To be honest I don't know. I'm not the one who wrote that code.
But I've asked them and learned that this issue is mostly solved. We 
need to update a few things (e.g. using the WDK 6001) then we can make 
the code part of VBox OSE. So I'm asking for a little patience since 
such cleanup work isn't really high priority. I'll let you know when 
we're ready.
> Over last couple of weeks, I implemented a shared folder driver, which I 
> think is much better performed than the current one. However, there are 
> many tedious stuff, if I can look at your current impl, it would really 
> help me to finish it. Any chance I can get a copy of your code for 
> internal use?
See above. Hopefully done in about a week or so.
> If there is no licensing issues, I'd like to check in my code to the
> edition, so there will be some source code for the windows shared 
> folders driver.
For contributions there's a wiki page describing the process: 
Contributions are always welcome if they actually improve things. What 
tests did you run on your implementation? Getting a filesystem 
bullet-proof is hard work...


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