[vbox-dev] VBox logging overhead (in release mode)

Micha Moffie mmoffie at ece.neu.edu
Tue Jul 29 23:37:44 GMT 2008

Good morning :),

I was looking around VBox logging mechanism.
I came across rtlogLogger function in src/VBox/Runtime/common/log/log.cpp.
If I am correct, this function is responsible to format the string and 
print it out. This function works also in release mode... to support 
release logging?

I did some measurements, and it seems that the call to RTLogFormatV is 
responsible to much of the overhead (In release mode, with nothing 
being logged..)
I measured ~5% performance loss, and even ~10% on some workloads - without 
actually logging anything.
(This was done on VBox OSE 9977, relase mode).

Does this make sense? Can you reproduce my results?

Thanks so much

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